Prepare for the future: WIU Students Register for Spring Classes

As of this week, WIU students can now sign up for their spring 2013 classes. Registering for a class taught by a favorite professor or a popular class may be first priority for some students. Other students just want to move on with their studies and feel class registration time is more of a chore. And other students legitimately enjoy registering for classes.

Daniel Honeyman, a graphic communication major, is one of those students who authentically enjoys registering for classes. He explained that the past few years, he’s really been fortunate when it comes to registration because he’s in the Honors College. “Since I’m in the Honors College, I get to register early. I haven’t had classes on Fridays in three semesters, so it’s worked out for me,” Honeyman said.

Not only does he try to avoid taking Friday classes, he also tries schedule mostly morning classes. Honeyman explained he liked “registering for morning classes because I have the whole afternoon to do whatever I please… it just so happens that I had to register for all afternoon classes this past semester…but I’m okay with sleeping in from time to time during the week!”

This spring semester will be the last time Honeyman signs up for classes. He explained that knowing that he will be graduating in May and that he won’t have to register for classes anymore, this registration time is bittersweet. “It got me thinking about graduation, which I am excited for. However, I’m going to miss going to school here. It’s been an incredible four years,” Honeyman said.

Rebekah Byrnes, a double-major in English and French, said she is all set for next semester. She explained that she has to meet with her advisor every semester, so she’s always on the ball when it comes to deciding on her classes. “I feel like I have to go there with a schedule in mind, so I usually make a schedule ahead of time. I knew what I wanted to take, and my advisor was like ‘Hey, that’s my responsibility!’” she laughed. “I like to stay on track.”

Despite Byrnes’ preparation, she doesn’t have much flexibility when it comes to choosing what classes she takes. With her double-major alone, she is already very busy. “I have one French class and one Japanese class because I want to study abroad in Japan…I have two English classes, and one [general studies requirement]–oceanography,” she began. Additionally she’s involved with her church and has other leadership responsibilities on campus. “I’ve just accepted my life is busy,” she laughed. “My coursework isn’t particularly heavy, but it becomes very busy. I’d rather graduate later and do well rather than hurry up to graduate and not do a good job. It’s just not worth doing it if I’m not doing well,” Byrnes said.

Now that Honeyman and Byrnes are signed up for classes next semester, they can continue forward in finishing up this semester as other WIU students have to do. As for me, it is a little bittersweet since I don’t have to register for classes. Although I’m excited to graduate next month, I think I enjoyed organizing my course schedule a little too much!


Gobble, Gobble: WIU Celebrates Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Break officially begins on Monday; students and faculty alike can take a breather from the semester. Although, after stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving Day, we may need those few extra days to recover!

Michael Auz, a senior majoring in music, is greatly looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving Break. Like thousands of other students who live in the residence halls, Auz is preparing his Corbin Hall room for cleanup and move-out. Students are required to make sure their room is clean, the blinds are closed, and all their necessary belongings are put together. Auz said cleaning up is his main priority. “I like to clean up so I come back to a nice, clean dorm room…and that’s what you should do anyway. They told me, ‘Get everything off the floor!’, so I’m cleaning and taking everything off the floor,” he laughed.

Mark Schneider, a computer science major, said he’s doing a lot of cleaning in his apartment before heading home for the holidays. He said, “[It’s] amazing how many Coke cans have piled up around my desk over the last few busy weeks. I definitely [need] to tackle the fridge…nothing frightening in there yet,” Schneider said.

During this Thanksgiving Break, Auz explained what next week has in store for him. “I have three projects I need to do…and then I will do a lot of relaxing. I plan on sleeping a lot and I will decorate for Christmas. I need to do it before it gets too cold!”

Schneider explained the break will be a week of food, friends, and family. “We have a pretty traditional Thanksgiving Day; everyone comes over. We make food all afternoon… massive dinner in the early evening…and games and talking as the night goes on. It gets bigger every year,” he explained. “It’ll be nice to eat some food and catch my breath a bit.”

Auz explained that he is looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving. When asked what his favorite dish was, he said he is “particular to mashed potatoes and gravy. A close second is the turkey, which everybody loves. It’ll just be my parents and myself; we’ll get ready for Christmas and have a nice dinner,” Auz said.

As for your blogger, I have some intense papers to write before I head home. Preferably, I’d rather get that done now, while still in Macomb; I will want to enjoy the last two weeks before I graduate from WIU! Once I get home, I’ll go into hibernation. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies, after all.

I’ll spend a few days with my parents and the rest of my family before I leave to celebrate Thanksgiving with my significant others’ family. It’s the first time spending Thanksgiving without my family. I will miss them, but I know I’ll have fun.

Before long, WIU students and staff will all return to Western for the last gung-ho of the semester. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!