After all…tomorrow is another day!

Finals week has come to a close…and that means that my internship here with Alumni Programs is over. It’s finally come time for me to say goodbye to my readers from near and far. Just so you all know…doing this internship may in fact be the most gratifying aspect of my college career. I had the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned from inside the classroom to this internship. It’s hard to find an internship for English majors, and I couldn’t be happier about finding this one…for many reasons.

During this internship, I met so many different people. I met with dozens of people who I never would have met during an ordinary undergraduate college career. I was more than pleased to meet all the individuals that make Western Illinois University a success. Meeting so many members of WIU’s administration was very enlightening. I never knew of all the different programs and events going in the fall and how these programs are organized. I am glad that I was able to learn so much about Western from such polite and kind individuals.

Being the communications coordinator also allowed for me to show more of my Western pride. Both my brother and his wife graduated from WIU, and I was always proud of them. Even though I was little at the time, I loved purple and gold. Once I came to WIU a few years later, I was very excited to don my new colors. Soon, I was able to learn about the history of Macomb and the school. The more I learned, the more I loved this school. I never thought I could enjoy WIU anymore, but I did. Thanks to all the people I met, my fondness grew and grew every day.

I want to give a huge thanks to my supervisor, Amanda Shoemaker, the Associate Alumni Director. She is everything I would hope a supervisor to be…she cared about developing my skills as a writer and as a communicator. Amanda was behind me every step of the way, and I owe her many thanks!

And thank you to those who read my blog all semester long! From those in the United States, to Indonesia, to Burma, to Ethiopia, to Canada, and to Israel…thank you for reading…no matter where you are in the world!

As for my immediate future, I will be applying to a few graduate schools and should be returning to my academic lifestyle by August. In the meantime, I think I’m going to just sit back and relax. Maybe I’ll have a nice cup of chai tea. I’ll be doing this until I graduate on Saturday, at least; then the relaxing will continue.

I hope you all have a safe and happy winter break…and to infinity and beyond!

Signing off (for the last time),

Rachel Mies

Fall 2012 RockeNetwork Communications Coordinator


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