Have a Holly Jolly Winter Break, WIU!

The fall semester will be over; finals week will be over. WIU students will say goodbye to tests, papers, and lectures for a few weeks. The holiday spirit can be embraced, and the WIU community couldn’t be happier.

A particular student who is very happy for Winter Break to arrive is Beth Clothier, a first year graduate student majoring in English. She said that she is very excited about this break. “I can’t wait to go home,” she said. “I’m heading home to see my family once I done. Maybe I’ll play some Superintendo with my mom. And then of course sleep.”

When I asked Clothier if she is doing anything special, she responded as many other WIU students would with sleep. “I am so excited to sleep. I want to sleep a lot,” she said dreamily. “I’m excited to not think about school for a month. I am going to go on a crazy Netflix binge,” Clothier laughed.

One of WIU’s students who is currently studying abroad in Korea is returning to the United States. Crystal Cho, who has been gone for several months for studying abroad, explained she is more than ready for winter break. “I’m looking forward to it so much, I’m counting down the days. I’m so burnt out with studying. I need it now because I want to graduate by December 2013, so I need to be in school in the summer too,” Cho said.

The first thing Cho plans on doing once she gets home after her fourteen hour flight is simple. “I want to have a nice shower, put on fresh clothes, and relax…being cooped up in an airplane for 14 hours is exhausting!” she said. “I’m so excited to give my family and boyfriend the Christmas gifts that I got them in Korea. I can’t wait to see their expressions on their faces…I really look forward to that!”

Once Cho returns to WIU in the spring semester, she has some big plans for herself. “I have some ideas on how to run the Anime Club on campus since I joined an Anime Club at SungKyunKwan University where I attended in Korea. I want to share my cultural experiences and educate them about Korean culture. No one seems to really know about Korea and mistake it for Chinese or Japanese cultures…I want to change this by getting involved with the Study Abroad Office and get students involved!” she said.

As for me, this Winter Break will be relaxing. I’m sending out applications for graduate school and taking a load off. Knowing I won’t have schoolwork to do by February feels really nice… I’m definitely looking forward to this break!


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