It’s the Final Countdown: WIU Finals Week

The last stretch of the semester is finally on our doorsteps and over halfway over now! Many WIU students are heading to the library to dish out any last minute presentations, papers, or projects. Some may be drinking loads of coffee or energy drinks to keep them awake as they study into the night, and some students may simply cherish the fact that the semester really is almost over.

Jake Nelson, a graduate student studying school psychology, said that he enjoys finals week, but that’s mainly due to the fact that, for him, it is one of the easiest weeks of the year. He explained that in his program, most of the work is done the rest of the semester. “As an undergrad, everything culminates by the end of the semester. Now that I’m a graduate student, everything I do is important. I’ve written more than 40 papers this semester. I’d rather write papers than take exams. With exams, I’m regurgitating what the professors think I should know, but not necessarily need,” he said.

Nelson explained that most of the work he does is applied regularly, and it is a necessity to write about his experiences in his field. “I have two case studies and tests to give to elementary and junior high students who are in special education… The testing is determine their eligibility, and those are all done before finals week. Writing papers allow me to reflect what I’ve done. Therefore, finals week is my easiest week of the semester. As for the two exams I have, I’ve got them in the bag,” he said confidently.

Thomas Boyd, an English student, isn’t breaking too much of a sweat for finals week. He explained he has two literature exams and a badminton exam. When I asked him if he’s ready for the week to be over, he said, “You better believe it. I usually am not too concerned about finals because-being an English major- what I usually have to do is done 1-2 weeks before finals week. It’s not stressful for me; it’s more of a removal from stressful times,” Boyd explained.

As a senior at WIU, Boyd has his studying method down pat. “I don’t let myself get stressed. I take the time I need for myself that keeps me on a tranquil, steady pace instead of being on a roller-coaster. I try to casually work on things,” he began. “I remember professors saying that the amount of time you come to class, you need to spend 3-4 times more that amount in studying. I used to believe that you had to study all the time. I try to sign up for classes where I’m genuinely interested because I remember the material better. It works for me,” Boyd said.

I remember the first finals I had here at WIU as a freshman; people were telling me, “You’re going to be staying up all night. You’re going to want to drink lots of coffee.” I was nervous about doing well and getting to class on time. I was living at Wetzel Hall at the time and the elevator got stuck! I made it to class with only a few minutes to spare! Finals week always offers up some sort of surprise that tests your ability to perform. I’m still around, so I guess I’ve been doing the right thing! And for the last time! Good luck on finals, WIU!


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