Pleased to meet you, Mr. President: Election Day at WIU

After many months of campaigning, President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney vie to be President and lead the USA for the next four years. The American people have been following their trails for the past several months, and it all boils down to tonight. WIU’s student body has been following the campaign trail and we are anxiously awaiting the final decision.

WIU students have used different methods to cast their vote, including voting at WIU’s University Union. This is the second Presidential Election James Feliksik has voted in. As a WIU student, Feliksik plans on voting today at WIU’s University Union. He explained that it’s convenient, and he’s glad he gets to exercise his right to vote. “Let’s do this,” he strongly said. “Let’s get it done. We’ve been going through hard times. Let’s do this.”

The senior English major said that since this is his second time voting, he’s noticing a lot more about the candidates. “The arguing…it’s intense. The battleground between the two is very strong,” he said.

Feliksik said he primarily gets his news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. “I try to read the news online too,” Feliksik added. “Although… I’ve been feeling ready for this election season to be over…for like a month. I’m trying to look at what’s better for people,” he said.

Thomas Boyd, vice president of Sigma Tau Delta, explained that he votes because it is his right as an American. “I always thought I’d be the type of person to not vote, but then I realized the gravity of it,” he explained “I thought no matter which way I voted, it wasn’t going to make a difference- I tend to fall on the opposite side of the fence.”

Boyd explained he makes his decision by judging the genuineness of the candidate. He said, “I think, therefore I am. If you’re going to think about it… then you should do it. I mean, I don’t do a lot of research, but I look at what the candidate believes,” Boyd began. “I look at their integrity. I look at what they said they would do and see if they’ve done it. I judge by character; I try to look through the smog.”

Boyd, who is voting for the first time, said he is excited by the process. “I can’t wait to see whether I get to tap a button [on a screen to vote] or to punch a hole in my ballot,” he laughed. “I’ve always wondered what happens.”

Kevin Clymer, a music major, said he has already voted. He explained it was very easy and convenient for him. “I voted two or three weeks ago…I voted absentee. I did it all online,” he began. “I went on the Illinois website and filled out all the information and had my ballot sent to me…then I sent it back. I just didn’t want to wait in line on voting day,” Clymer laughed.

Being that it is Clymer’s second time voting, he said he’s realized a few more things about the voting process. “One of the things to realize is that there are more people out there than just the main two candidates. The government plays more of a part than what people think,” he said.

When it comes to why he votes, Clymer said the reason is simple. “I guess mainly I feel it’s my right. It’s simple, but it’s my main reason. Other people might think [voting] is not important, but it’s your right to do it,” he said.

This was my second time voting and I took advantage of voting absentee a few weeks ago. Since I first voted in the presidential election in 2008, I have found many different ways of obtaining my information. Making an informed vote is very important to me; with that, I have researched the candidates and their policies for several months. To see how the 2012 presidential election will play out is very exciting; and I am very eager to watch the results trickle on the TV as I tune in tonight.


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