WIU Grad Prep Day: Schooool’s Out. For. Seniors. (Almost).

For some WIU students, the time is winding down, and graduation day will soon be upon us. With a little more than six weeks left in the fall semester, the time has come to prepare for graduation…and beyond. To make it easy for WIU seniors, the Alumni Association is hosting Grad Prep Day.

Alumni Programs Graduate Assistant Emily Isaacs explained Grad Prep Day is an easy one-stop shop for all the needs of graduating seniors. “Students can swing through and get that important information in their hands,” she said. “They can learn what they need to know for graduating.”

To provide the information seniors need to know, many campus departments will be available at Grad Prep Day to offer help and information for graduating seniors. “Financial Aid will be there,” Isaacs began, “They’ll let [students] know what they need to wrap up… information about their loans. Liberty Mutual will be there and let students know about insurance discounts. They usually have little gifts too which is a nice little gesture,” she said.

Isaacs also mentioned Career Services staff members will be available to talk with graduating seniors. “Career Services is always available for [students and] alumni,” Isaacs said. “You can work on resume skills; you can swing through and get access for that information. When you graduate you can still come back and take advantage [of their services],” she explained.

The University Union Book Store is the last stop at Grad Prep Day for many students. There, they can get the basic items for graduation. From caps and gowns to invitations and announcements, the book store will be happy to help. Additionally, the Visual Production Center, Josten’s [class ring] and Liberty Mutual will be at Grad Prep Day. “[Seniors] can make contact with the Visual Production Center and decide if they want any pictures from graduation,” Isaacs began. “Josten’s will be there if someone wants to order rings.”

The Alumni Programs staff will also be available during Grad Prep Day. Isaacs said, “We want them to see our friendly faces and let them know they can come by anytime. We’ll let them know what the benefits are of being an alumnus and let them know that membership in the Alumni Association is free!”

Grad Prep Day will be November 9, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the University Union concourse on the Macomb campus. Grad Prep Day is also going on today on the Quad Cities Campus in the Riverfront Campus Lobby, but only until 3 p.m. To read more information about Grad Prep Day, visit http://www.wiu.edu/news/newsrelease.php?release_id=10225.


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