Looking for a New Job? WIU Can Help!

Career Services at WIU is an ever-changing, adapting service for students and alumni. Today’s professional world is becoming more and more electronic. WIU’s Career Services Director Martin Kral says the the screening process to find prospective employees has become less interpersonal and more impersonal. The path to finding a job is rapidly changing, and Career Services is on campus to provide employment aid to any student or alumni.

The Career Services Office provides a multitude of services. For instance, an individual can seek help preparing for an interview, writing a resume and using the university’s eRecruiting system. Job seekers can also participate in group workshops to better prepare themselves for the job hunt.

If you need help with the electronic job search, Career Services can help you with that too. eRecruiting, Kral explained, is a system where a student or alumnus can post their resume under their academic department or any other prospective job interest. For instance, if someone was a journalism major, but wanted to seek a career in journalism and teaching, he or she would post their resume in both areas. Employers log onto this database and browse resumes of potential employers. Kral said that an increasing amount of alumni have been using this system the past few years.

Additionally, WIU’s Career Services reaches out to online sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The office also has an interview room, where Skype and telephone capabilities are offered for job interviews.

Career Services has worked hard to adapt to the students’ needs for the past several years. Kral has been a part of the WIU staff for the past nineteen years, and he says methods of obtaining jobs are constantly changing. “Social media is the future,” he said. “Everything is online now.”

Kral explained that with the (often impersonal) online method of finding a job, a lot of students don’t get the personal experience of talking face to face with potential employers. He said that employers now are saying that they want graduating students with better communication skills. By today’s standards, a student needs great communication skills; after all, today’s world is communication-based, explained Kral.

Providing students with multiple resources is Career Service’s mission. Mock interviews can be arranged, times can be arranged to discuss how to professionally dress, and even classes throughout the semester are offered for students to prepare for job-hunting.

There are still some aspects of the job search that haven’t changed. Three times a year, students can apply for jobs through on-campus Career Fairs. There is one in the fall and spring, and a fair for Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (LEJA). Many prospective employers visit campus to find educated and highly competitive grads that WIU produces. Hundreds of students show up for these fairs. It is a great way for students to gain experience talking to employers and also market themselves.

Providing students with as many resources they can provide is the mission of the WIU Career Services Office. Mock interviews can be arranged, discussions on how to dress professionally can be arranged, and they even host classes throughout the semester for students who need help with the job hunt.

As a reminder, one of the many benefits WIU alumni receive as members of the Alumni Association is continued access to the services provided by the Office of Career Services. If you are looking for assistance with find a new job or making a professional transition, visit http://www.wiu.edu/student_services/careers/ to start today!


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