The Times They Are A-Changin’

The University Union Board (UUB) has changed drastically since it was first conceived in the 1920s. It is one of the oldest student-run organizations on WIU’s campus. Having never worked with the UUB, I know very little about the UUB board and the organization’s responsibilities. Vice President of UUB, Titus Young, was more than happy to share that information with me.

“UUB came around in the 1920s,” Young said, “It was called the UUB because all events only took place in the union. It began with the intention to only entertain students, but then they began to branch out into the community.”

Young explained how Macomb drew in the community even from miles away. “Surrounding areas didn’t really have the same venues as us. We had big acts and people from all around came to see,” he said. “Peoria, Springfield, and St. Louis were the only places these people could go to see events.” The UUB has made it possible for any surrounding areas to see the events they wanted without lengthy travel.

Interests of the students have naturally changed since the UUB’s establishment. “The media has changed a lot,” Young said, “Students now can watch Youtube videos of their favorite band or comedian. There’s a lot of other things for students to do instead of coming to events.”

The UUB, Young said, is an adaptable group to fit within the students’ interests. “We always do events for the students needs and wants. We want to make the college experience better.”

And the UUB has definitely accomplished that goal. Since UUB has been putting on acts for the students and communities, hundreds of music and comedy acts, big and small, have visited WIU. Within the past decade, concerts from Yellowcard, Girl Talk, Gloriana, REO Speedwagon, Lupe Fiasco, and Gym Class Heroes have graced Western’s stage. Comedy acts by Doug Benson, Zach Galifianakis, Andy Kaufman, Adam Sandler, and even Bill Cosby have been in the Macomb area.

“We want students to experience things that they can’t typically see at home. We bring acts that they’d never get to see. We bring hypnotists, magicians, concerts, slam poets, and paint balling. I never thought I’d get to paint ball,” said Young excitedly.

The UUB is always working towards keeping the WIU and Macomb communities entertained and happy. For more information about UUB or a look at upcoming events are on the calendar, visit


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