It’s Town and Gown Time!

It’s back! Celebrating Town and Gown 2012 is almost here, and the celebrations will soon be commencing! Next Thursday, September 13th, the WIU and Macomb communities will join together to celebrate the great accomplishments of Mayor Mike Inman and WIU President Jack Thomas during their first year of leadership.

I spoke with Associate Alumni Director, Amanda Shoemaker, regarding the annual event. “Celebrating Town and Gown is an event organized through Alumni Programs to bring together the WIU and Macomb communities; we celebrate everyone’s accomplishments together,” she said.

Celebrating Town and Gown was previously known as Evening with the President and Mayor. The annual event has been a Macomb and WIU tradition for more than two decades. The typically spring event has been moved to the fall to serve as the official kickoff to Homecoming.

“The event started off as a sit-down dinner [and transformed] into more of a social reception. It increases camaraderie and builds networking among the two communities,” Shoemaker said.

Since 2007, Celebrating Town and Gown has been held at The Forum. During the event, attendees will have the chance to hear from Macomb Mayor Mike Inman, WIU President Jack Thomas, and Director of Alumni Programs, Amy Spelman.

“They’ll each address the crowd and have the opportunity to share their (WIU’s and Macomb’s) accomplishments,” Shoemaker said. “Then the Town and Gown Award and Honorary Alumni Award will be presented.”

The Town and Gown Award is given to someone who has provided exceptional service to both the Macomb and Western communities. The Honorary Alumni Award is presented to an individual who is not a WIU graduate but who has provided exceptional service to the WIU community.

You are invited to attend Celebrating Town & Gown on Thursday, September 13 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at The Forum in Macomb. A short program will begin at 6:15 p.m., it will include the presentation of the two awards. If you are interested in sharing in the Leatherneck and Macomb spirit, you can still register for this great event for only $20.

Visit for more information or to register today!


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