Bond. Making a Bond.

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) has been an integral part of organizing events for alumni and students for more than 20 years, and that’s only the beginning. I talked to Devon Spears, President of SAA, about what they do, and the new Student Leadership Alumni Council’s (SALC) huge role.

Spears explained, “[The Student Leadership Alumni Council] is more of an elite group that governs Student Alumni Association; any voting members are in the leadership council, and they actually plan the events.”

The Student Alumni Leadership Council strives to strengthen the bond between alumni and current students at WIU; it is an extension of the WIU Alumni Association.

Once the Leadership Council plans upcoming events, the Student Alumni Association’s members build up their experiences. “We’ve changed a lot this semester,” Spears said, “We do a lot of networking with alumni… Our main goal is to reach out to students and get them involved and keep them involved once they graduate.”

Spears continued, “Basically when you’re in the Student Alumni Association, you get a lot of good experiences with networking, developing leadership skills, public speaking, and getting invites to special events you wouldn’t know about if you weren’t a part of this organization.”

For only $5, students can join SAA and choose from a couple membership options. The student has two choices. One option includes general membership, which includes a t-shirt and access to special university and alumni events; the second option is membership which includes an athletics package that gives students a t-shirt, access to special university and alumni events, and membership in the Purple Haze.

“Purple Haze in an exciting new thing,” Spears said, “It’s our school spirit team [for athletics]. [Members] have a special student section during home games, like the upcoming football game. We want to get students involved and support the whole team,” she said.

For more information about the Student Alumni Leadership Council and alumni events, visit the Student Alumni Association website.


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